Beach ring

Long time ago..
I finally went to the coast again.. Not to detect but to visit my friend I hadn’t seen for a long time. I didn’t expect much of the beach and so it happened. Almost no targets so the sand had been blown on top of the beach :/ But I did find 2 rings, and one was some brand which is stainless steel but nonetheless it would still cost 60-90 dollar for that. People are weird lol. THen another junk ring, with some oxidation and too light to be real. I left it in my finds pouch (also called ‘my disappointments bag’) and only retrieved it 2 days ago after my trip to the field.
And at home i could see a small lasered ‘925’ inside so i thought ‘woops, for a month i thought i had found nothing at all’. I did find 10 cent but that was it after 2 days.
So yay a thin silver ring from the high waterline.

I did go detecting on Saturday when the sun was finally out. The sun is a very rare element nowadays. Well since end of October or so we are in crap weather. Lots of clouds and rain and cold. No weather to go detecting for me, although last year I went in near freeezing temps with my astronauts custome. Now i just couldn’t be bothered anymore to go through all the challenges and not find much. It did really wear off.. The feeling of having to go out to detect was gone. And now I only went to have some outdoor exercise.. which I got for sure as the clay was sticking to my feet and shovel all the time in the ploughed field. I went around for 1.5hr, cursing the new Deus and the mud and the lack of any decent signals that weren’t iron or aluminium. I really don’t want to use the new Deus on anything else but playground (maybe) and beach. And beach i say because i sold all of my old multifreq Minelabs. I did get annoyed with the cable issues.
I just don’t know what to do with this Deus. THey all say you gotta learn the machine. Yeah well I can’t be arsed. I rather find nothing with a machine that I understand that fing nothing with a machine I have serious doubts about: I got nothing but bad (low/iron) tones. Whenever the rare event occurred of a nice higher tone, it was either deep or superficial rusty iron, or aluminium or lead. I mean the fields are bad. What am I supposed to do with an expensive detector if my fields all turned bad. I can’t go to the second favorite batch of fields Like THat anymore cos they put a concrete block on the road to keep away cars in rural area :/ It’s really killing my motivation. I can now go by foot to see all the fields.
THe best field has some grass in it and i didn’t find much anyway. I don’t know..
My luck evaporated or so.