Whoever is losing his 2 and 1 euro in the grass, THANK YOU 😀 i didn’t expect much but i did find enough to pay back my fancy pink/grey gloves.

In hindsight: really good that i came today because all this grass around the park’s pond has been dug up by bulldozers and has become a building site. Yes I would like to detect that too, but .. pff. I’d rather be born with balls than wit.
I think I got around 24 euro from this spot behind my hand, where there used to be a picknick table.

Other side of park where playground is: an old dog tag of 1949, and old coin of 1968 etc

Playground luck

Went to the local playground early, to be ahead of annoying kids. Well, better than sitting bored inside. And i didn’t do so badly 😀 just a lot of sharp stuff that i took out, nails, glass,.. and then you see kids running barefoot, just like on the beach. Never walk barefoot on a beach again in my life.