A few years ago, I went to visit Brazil because one of my family members has a little place near LOTS of beaches.
It was a nice trip. However, I wish I had a better detector back then AND that I had spent more time detecting at the beach. I know, those kind of regrets will ALWAYS appear :p

Truth is, It was very hot anyway and I was afraid to take the detector so I took the cheap White Surfmaster and then it appeared to especially detect all kinds of garbage in the sand. I only found one tiny golden ring, but that was already a big nice surprise. With the Deus, I would have found more. But now I’m too afraid of flying the 11hrs to go back anytime soon.. I have to do it with European coasts..

Soccer field

Such nice spring weather it was yesterday. I couldn’t stay inside so I decided to go to the local soccer field. It’s just a grass field with a goal in it, but bcause it was a holiday it was quite empty. I don’t like it when people see me in the city.
I visited this grass a few times before but I never found much money in it. Weird, because the other side includes the park where I found already loads of coins. So now I was focused on the other end of the grass and the goal. When I finally started finding the very rare coins (only 10-20 cents still :p) some 7-yr old came to me and asked me to GO OUT OF THE WAY, because they wanted to play soccer. Unbelievable what a 7-yr old is not afraid of.. Then the usual routine started: they were asking what I was doing and what I found. Then they started to gather around me everytime I sat down to dig up something. .

I left to the park where I had some success before, but now it wasn’t anything near success. One fishing led, a war bullet that was a bit bent. I’ve seen them before at the coast aftera storm blew away most of the sand layer. Plus 1,6 euro in total :p

At home, I put all my fishing leds in the scale and it’s already adding up to more than 1000g. So that’s worth 1 euro, lol.
I wanted to use all my led for a led belt that you use when you go snorkling. So at least I will save several 10’s of euros for not buying a real led belt. Cashing. I still miss sunny beaches.. My aim is to go back !
And to quit this idiot cleaning job that I’m doing now.. I took it with both hands because I really need money.