Playground 1hr

I’m under the conviction that there are a lot of new detectorists and the chances are that at least one of them will be hunting the local playground every now and then, leaving it empty for me. So my plan is to go more often for short hunts in the morning, before annoying kids show up :p I can’t last long anyway because it’s a lot of digging garbage. Well nothing unusual. Just get tired of digging all ID’s and end up going for the coins in the end. People rarely seem to lose jewellery there for some reason.

Today I took my big old 28cm coil with the uneven resin finish and the purple led light. You can do playgrounds with small coils because of all the targets sitting close together sometimes, but i’m fine. A few 4-6mm jeans ringlets. I don’t need smaller than that so the big coil is fine. The coins etc do sound out.

Lots of 10 and 20’s under the big swing for some reason. Some even half exposed.

A total of 8 euro so not too bad for a bit more than an hour. I’ll be going to the coast in the weekend woth the Sovereign GT (and Deus as backup cos you never know with those oldies :p). No idea what to expect. THe beach can be sanded in and quite empty, but i figure that there must have been some crowds already with the hot weather lately. Now it’s rainy and not too warm.

I used to have a rubber case for the unit which i took the screen part out with scissors as it gets very unclear to see the screen. Then I did some hotglue borders to keep the dust out. I had two of those rubber things but gave them with the detectors I sold so now i had nothing except the stupid fake leather black ones. So I watched the online cases and then decided to keep Muh Muney and use that one arm-pouch. I stuck some plastic bits on the keys to make it a lot easier to push the buttons and i cut some arms off the pouch and voila. Even better against dust now and easier to push 😀

Beach Ring Number 4 :D

It has been 3 months since I went to the beach and I was so desperate to try the new Deus. So last weekend I headed there and within two hours I had a new gold ring ! Un Believable !
There had been severe storm winds in the last weeks, plus the high tide and I had seen some had found more than before due to the sand being taken away.
I put my Deus II on Beach Sens, full tones (which i can’t work with now somehow but on beach it was totally ok) and sensitivity on 99. I had A LOT of very small copper bits. Tried finding a gold/silver chain that way but nope. Lucky enough I had a few 1-2 euro coins. Some were even quite deep. Weird but not so much smaller money and lucky not a lot of older coins that I can’t use in the parking :p Oh well. The local parking meter spits out my beach money and I have to start over again every time until i use clean money. Gotta find a way to clean the coins.

THe Spring vacation just started and in combination with the sun finalyl coming out after months, a lot of people were on the beach and a lot of them asked me what I was finding.

Just when I saw the gold shining in the pile of sand, a couple passed and teh guy jokenly asked if i found ag old ring. I said ‘As A matter of Fact, yes’ and showed it to them.

The unbelievable Roll I’m on:
Oct 2020: golden pendant
July 2021: ring with glass
Dec : wedding ring and hollow stamp ring
Dec 31: pendant in the field..
Feb 2022: Stamp ring

I have been detecting since 2010 or so.. Only found gold in Montenegro beaches in 2014 and a broken Roman coin here in 2018. Two rings in a playground later on. Weird.. why is it all happening in the last years ?? Also, Why can’t we find much in the fields??

Yesteray I was on a semi-stublled field in another city. It was hell to figure out the new Deus. Then we moved to a more flat field and I put it in Mono on 25khz and reactivity 3. It worked like a charm (high freq and react always give a nice signal). I had a good hunt here and there with the basic program and some customization of it, but on other occasions it just seems to chatter or give false signals. I tried using Beach like I did on the actual beach last weekend. And also Mono. To no avail. Maybe I should stick to my mono/fast reactivity for a while. I always thought I just need the multifreq on the beach. Did some tests, several times even, and always got confused with results. No fun. Well can’t complain about my beach life though lol.