For Sale: Minelab Excalibur Blue waterproof headphones

These come from my Excalibur 1000. The detector has some electronic components in the endcap’s resin so that the sound comes out right in the blue headphones. Check of you have the right endcap for this. If it doesn’t have special stuff, it will problably have sound that is missing some frequencies.
I tried opening them to install other earpieces but that left a bit of a dent behind the earcusheon.
Note that they only come with a short piece of cable. I can give some extra cable and potentially solder it on too.

For Sale: minelab excalibur 1000 blue headphones underwater

Minelab Sovereign Target ID Meters

I have three of these, and a blue one which I momentarily displaced somewhere so it’s not on the photo.
In rather good condition, except the connector has to be renewed when I have time and new connectors.

#minelabsovereignelite Digital Target Indication meter