My second hunt of the challenge

Yesterday was a day where it just wouldn’t stop pi**ing down from the sky ! But I was satisfied that my Day 1 was not a complete disaster. Plus we got loads of things to eat since it was Christmas eve.
Today the sun said hello for the first time in ages ! I can’t remember when the last time was that I saw the sun appear here !
Miserable country, urgh.

So obviously, my brain urged me to go out and detect, because the rain would set in in the afternoon !
I went to watch a pasture that I got permission on (via my mum, don’t ask) but it was all grassy and that didn’t make sense, since they said it was ploughed.
So I went to the other recreation area on the other side of town.

Results: 4x 5 frank, 1x 20 frank.. that is our oLD money in Belgium.. You can’t use it anymore but it does look way better after 20 yrs in the soil that our stupid euro-coins do, don’t they ? You never find them ruined like the euros.
I got excited when I dug up the simpel silver ring but it turned out to be a fake, because it had some brown spots on it (Silver can’t get corroded or doesn’t peel off generally..)
My neck hurt so badly after I returned home ! I couldn’t move it. Oh Oh .. Never had that before.

I also included my cheapo xp deus hack: the little ws3 control box is attached to my detector with the 15-euro adapter and a strong piece of double (carpet) tape. I unscrew the 2 screws in the little plastic holder/plug that stuck on top of the stick. So now I can easily take the control box off the stick.

Hope I can get some right info on that pasture tomorrow !
I live right IN a Roman city but I NEVER found a Roman coin (except one very small and unreadable one, i onyl see 2 little legs on it :p) stupid grmbl..

Air test XP Deus

Air test XP deus silver, gold and euros

I thought I might teach myself to dig for all Id-numbers instead of only above 73..because those are supposed to be euro-coins. But in reality, I often still dig up bottle caps, pull tabs and pieces of Red Bull cans etc.. Plus, only digging up coins while there might be some lost jewellery in parks and playgrounds goes past the goal of metal detecting: finding expensive little things that people lost !

Of course, digging up lower numbers means digging up LOADS and LOADS of junk ! Little bits of foil that kids threw away..Well, mostly that. sigh.

Update 2020 with the image above on white background