Nice start of a new season

I wish everything else went so swell in the rest of my life


So I’m set up quite well now, since the 2 Deuses with HF coil and WS5 aren’t sold yet. Plus I have my own set wth 28cm coil that I gathered form parts before (after I sold my old Deus cos of Deus II that I sold also :p). I can pick whatever I want, lol. THe grain has been harvested in some spots, mostly are still filled. But the stubble is horrible because it hasn’t rained a lot and the soil is almost hard as concrete. Luckily there are a few big fields where the stubble has been turned around which are very airy to detect in. Very dusty and hot nowadays, thank god for the colder Northern wind. I did 2x 1 hr yesterday on the Chapel field where I found a small Roman grot in half an hour with the 28cm coil. Last seasons I went there and found absolutely nothing.

Then I drove around for a long while to see what’s happening. Decided to stop near a big field that was fluffy, next to a ‘good field’ that hasn’t given a lot lately. Didn’t like my few attempts on that field because a lot of trash came out, but now I had thought that another Roman brooch would be nice, and within half an hour I got a nice one out ! this was with the HF coil on 27khz and 3 reactivity. I have no idea what to do with settings but I guess it’s not bad. Got some part of Roman braceleet maybe but it’s just a shape. THis morning I did another 1.5hr and found this nice button and some guilded copper ending of something. One of the nicest buttons I’ve ever found ! Usually there’s nothing on them..

It’s becoming Summerly hot and scorching on the field I guess.. THe cool wind was abolutely necessary. Still I couldn’t stay so long.. My stamina isn’t there. I remembered the times I had a search mate and we would go 2times for about 5 hr in a day.. PFF. Ok you do keep going for longer because you have company and then you could also find more, but a lot of the times I’m on a field where I don’t want to be. My last mate was usually ok with leaving quite quickly if we didn’t find much.