My Minelab Sovereign GT harness

I tried to sell all my detectors since I would be using the new Deus for the next 10 years for all terrains but anyway that didn’t last long lol. My Deus I, Minelab Sovereign 1991, Excalibur 1000 got sold but this one not. This is the innertyre harness I sew together to have the unit on my back so it wouldn’t be in my way. I used to have the Excalibur unit on my back with a double-camera harness but that one i sold. It worked well. The tube is a way of stopping that problem with the unit falsing when the cable near the unit is moving.

Falsing problem: I opened the unit to see where the coil cables go but found nothing wrong, all is very good inside. THen the coil cable itself is replaced not long ago by someone who does that so I suppose that is ok too (which is probably wrong but I don’t feel like cutting off more, since it’s short already).

I have a shitload of butyl rubber from tractor inner tyres and a lot of old shoulderbags that I cut to pieces for the straps so we’re good for a while 😀 THe magnets I got from some supermarket years ago but since they wern’t strong enough to close the cover, i cut off the magnets from a worn Deus case and sewed them on. I hope it works. The black thing in the middle is the exterior charger point that my one detector friend put in there so you won’t need to take off the battery every time. IT’s great. Those clips break anyway.

i’ll be trying this next weekend. I got a new jobsince yesterday (Friday) and I already had to ask if they could allow me next Friday off to go to the coast. I don’t wanna go just 2 days cos it’s a long drive for me. Also found someone who wnats to buy one of the Deus HF coils but I have to go and bring it to him on my way back above Brussels.

I did sell my Detech SEF 12×10 coil (and cameraharness) along with my Excalibur. I never tried with the original Minelab 10″ coil so next week I’ll see what it does. Always thought it would be superheavy cos I had the first generation and then the second one did have a lighter one but then i already had the Detech which was perfect. Found small silver and gold so i was fine with it. It’s not too expensive but now it’s a bit wait and see what the Minelab coil does for me.