Oops, I got the new Deus II sooner than expected

Yesterday evening I saw the ad for a Deus II on the second hand website. It was one of the first to be delivered and had been used for 3 weeks, and the guy decided it’s not that much deeper than the Deus I (that he bought a few weeks before the announcement so bummer). So to cut his losses, he sold it for a decent price.
I didn’t hesitate long and agreed on his asking price. Most would go way under it with rediculous bids.. I kinda know how the secondhand sites work. If it’s rare and you want it, just give the damn asking price.

I know have the new Deus II, the new deus II in order but it can be months to come, and I hope I can then sell it at same price if they are still hard to get.. And Ihaev my old Deus and the spare unit/coil I bought with my 3D Printed shaft.

4 Deuses.. I did sell my Minelab Sovereign 1991 lol. The guy made a deal with me before New year, but no paper, and he would come and pick up my Deus in 3 weeks.. And I’m afraid he’ll cancel or so.