Last day of 2021 – gold, silver

I went detecting finally on a good field that was ploughed recently. Most are, but it’s very hard to find anything and very hard to walk over them. Did not find much lately in the fields (can’t complain about the 3x gold in the beach since July). However, I don’t have anything else to do, so i googled ‘settings for Deus on ploughed’. Some suggested using a program like Deus Fast. It doesn’t make much sense to me to go all superficial while half of the soil before you is containing air, but anyway; I started from Fast program, adjusted it to -5 disc, 95 sens, 85 GB, 2 – 2.5 reactivity.. and because of the lower Disc, I could hear a lot of small iron grunting, so i figured the reactivity might actually work if i put it a bit higher, say 2.5. And I found plenty of things, including the part of a silver 16th century coin and some gold pendant of 1g; I did see some gold sticking out of a small ball of soil and as usual didn’t expect much.. But gold does have certain unique characteristics such as: gold color without any tarnish, pieces falling off, oxidation, rough edges. And this checked them all, just like the golden rings i found. Ok, low carat gold CAN become brown or green, i suppose. But the chance of finding it here are very slim. I’m still waiting for my first gold stater though.

So for 4 days in arow, I went to that same field, which has given me 1 denier +Spanish silver in the past, and many decorative things like broches and buttons. I found a blurry roman coin, the next day I find a wonderful Constantine coin. It’s rare to find one which is still showing some detail. I think i had 4-5 in the last 4 month, none of which had any readable detail on it. So now the weather is at its worst (except snow and frost for days in a row). Close to 0, windy and rainy.

I ordered the Deus II near the end of December, after I sold some photo equipment that was lying around as spare. But since i gave up my sidebusiness, and prices will just go lower for camera’s, I decided to sell them. If I ever start using the Deus II for all beach and field work, I can get rid of all other detectors I have. THe 1991 Minelab Sovereign and Excalibur were for sale but i haven’t got any decent offer yet. Of course, we are in a market where used Vanquish and Equinox are being sold on a daily basis. It just has to be an enthusiast who wants to buy the old Minelab for beaches.

Even if the market is flooded with used Deus I, I still managed to sell one that I got cheaply and the one I was using. THat one hasn’t been picked up due to festive days. Maybe he won’t come. I even ordered another 28cm coil and main unit in case i lose my own Deus before the new one comes.