New week, new gold

My friend’s apartment at the coast is empty for a month, AND comes the fact that I found so much last week (5x silver and 1 golden ring). So I headed back for more.
The beach, however, didn’t see things the same way. There had been a storm and most of the wet part far or close to the high-tideline seemed to not give anything except some scrap metal. I scouted a new spot in front of an old camping site, but also gave nothing but pulltabs. More pulltabs and balls of aluminum foil I got all through the hunting in these 3 days.. so it seemed the light stuff was lying in the upper layer and the rest went missing. I tried to find my sweet spot of last week again but I failed to dig up anything. Kinda realized I have to stop relying on ‘I will remember it with just my brain’. I need to put it in Google maps next time.
On top of that, my Sovereign GT was singing all the time which was annoying me. Cannot be a bad cable connection so soon on a new coil. So after 2.5 hrs I decide to head back to the parking (free parking at least during week days !!) and on the first signal on the dry sand, I see gold shining (I wonder if I hit the last 2 gold rings with my shovel since they were visible in the hole after digging ..) and there it is, a big 18kt wedding band. Woopsie.
That’s twice in 8 days. Three times in 6 months. 4 times I went to the coast and found 3 golden rings, and I don’t even go for longer than 2-3hrs lately because I’m wrecked after that. I’m amazed at my luck (it can’t be anything else). Whereas I LIVE on a Roman city and barely find anything that is worth bringing back home in these fields..
THe 2 next days were pretty crappy but if you found a big golden ring on day 1, who cares if you find a grand total 20 cent on 2 different beaches the next day 😀 DAy 3 I was roaming around on the dry a bit more, because the sand had been moved by bulldozers and there were some coins at the entrance. Did try the pools on the wet on Day 2 with absolutely NOthing to show afterwards. Did manage to find 5 euro altogether on the dry and the twilight zone. Good thing I didn’t have to pay parking because I would be at a loss. Sucks that the beach can just close its doors in a few days time, but on the other hand: so much gold lately. And that with a machine that hasn’t been in production since 2013.

Regarding the sound problems, I went out with the same coil attached to Excalibur 1000 on day 2 and it was really silent. So maybe my sens is too high for Sovereign GT.. I don’t know.
I remember being pissed because I didn’t find anything in the first hours and thinking i would want a new DEUS II because it wouldn’t have cable problems lol. But i don’t know if i would regret selling the vintage BBS detectors with their nice sound. Plus new Deus comes at quite a price with unit and headphones that aren’t really necessary. Big commercial move. Presales before Christmas so people can spend their money and they won’t even get their detector in the next weeks. Well, nothing’s on fire. I have 5 detectors at the moment. It’s hard to sell the first Sovereign, and there are 2 others for sale at the same time. Hard to sell the 14inch coil for Sovereign that I hardly used 3x. I got myself another Deus which is like new, just to test it and to realize that, yes, I just don’t find anything in these fields and it’s not the detector’s fault.

Lots of dead sea urchins and 2 toy soldiers. The ring with Roman numerals was lying on top of the sand where a beach bar had been. Not silver. And out of all the specialised sand scoops and shovels, I now have a new favorite beach shovel which is a 10-euro kiddie shovel. A LOT lighter than the SITO scoop albeit not as effective in scooping out large volumes at once, but that only really matters in the wet part.. Which I never feel succesful in.