Best beach haul ever in Belgium !

5 times silver, one golden ring, one Diesel Steel necklace and 2 junk rings.

My friend asked me to come over to bring her to the airport on Monday morning. The forecast wasn’t exactly predicting it would be anything of a nice type of weather but I was so lucky to have had 3 beach trips without any rain ! The lowest end of Belgian’s beach has a special climate which is either rainy when the rest is dry or the opposite. So lucky me went out on the first day when it was a feisty icecold wind, and of course i forgot something in the car: my goggles to keep my nose from running. FOund only a piece of 2 euro and a junk ring (which cleaned up quite nicely still). The sand looked like it has been piling up on the dry beach again so it looked like the detecting would again be without much result.

Day 2: got my goggles and my 3 pants and 2 socks but then the sun came out and I had to return to the car to lose some clothing :p Found 6 euro, and a sweet spot in front of the hill where this stainless steel Diesel chain came out. I figured I’d try to look around in front of the hill as the water would bash into it and targets wouldn’t get further and sink in there.. I was right: the 2 pieces of same bracelet were there near each other. Weird. I saw a girl with a detector and her dad struggling to get a target out and went to warn them about the metal in the underground at that point. Never had a spot there before but as the tide was coming in, i had to move back to the dry sand as usual. Was happy with my Diesel chain.

Unexpectedly, a 3rd day came as I appeared to have misunderstood the deal and I had to return home only on Tuesday, so Monday: free parking day !! I took my time but it got misty and I found absolutely NOTHING on the same location; All bugged I decided to move on to another spot 20 minutes away. It’s in front of the buildings where I found a sweet spot before with older coins and bullets. this time I went around in raster and found a silver earring, a piece of silver bracelet, a silver angel wing and a golden ring finally ! I had it in mind but don’t we always have it in mind :p IT’s hollow and so small that it even fits me but fair enough; THree times gold since October 2020. Not too bad for someone who only comes every couple of months.

I had the Minelab Sovereign GT and the Detech 12 inch coil which is a great combo, seeing how deep it finds some bigger items and also how small some other items are. I found some flat circular things of 5mm wide.

My Xpointer MAx didn’t work on day 3 and kept giving an alarm and RAISE COIL. I didn’t know how to fix it so i returned to the car (again sigh) to get my pulsedive. I messaged Quest on Facebook and they told me to return it to the shop. Not sure how much that would cost me, as the thing is expensive enough on its own.. I’ll see for a while.