Quest Xpointer MAX with discrimination !

New update: My experiences in the field with this pinpointer were rather frustrating so I did a small test at home, and turns out the sides don’t detect much. The dealer said his pinpointer in the shop does it the same way, so .. this is it:

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I don’t know how Spartan i can be with keeping myself from buying stuff that I don’t need.. But it happens that I accidentally come across something I didn’t know about and then I WANT it. It’s not just that I want it but I want it because it will do something that I need to be done in my life. Spend money you weren’t planning on spending and get it over with.

Here comes the Quest Xpointer Max pinpointer’s main innovative quality:


I’m not finding much lately and hence, my motivation is down the drain.. But the one thing I did cut out of my meager trips on the field (and soon hopefully the beach) is the endless digging with a screwdriver into the depths .. just to stumble upon some big piece of rusty colored iron. Those things are usually 30-40cm deep and since I don’t like digging big holes with my shovel, I sit down and poke around with a screwdriver (or chop off with my shovel while squatting). It takes ages and it’s all for nothing. So now I will hear the signal for iron before I start the excavation and I will move on, hence saving time for more valuable targets. Iron can be cool too but usually it’s just a piece of the machines or a rusty nail.