Golden ring with Sovereign GT

Did i find a gold ring at the first hole I dug next to the beach’s entrance ? Turns out I did. Mum got it tested (I don’t go to teh city since i am comfortable at home :p)

I wasn’t really going on the popular beaches with my Sovereign GT and the Dtech 12″ because we had a dog and they aren’t allowed on the places where most people come to. So I spent most time on the site where people come with dogs and horses and watersports. Disappointment, I found only TWO damn coins (1€ and 10cents) in the 3 days that I was detecting. I didn’t detect much because the weather was bad, only 6hrs in total, and I also gave up after not finding anything after 1-1.5hr. Insane how little one can find with all the right equipment and a big beach. I guess not so many people were attenting because it has been raining since vacation started. There was some old stuff as usual, some bullets and old piece of crap so the beach isn’t sanded in yet. Then the real trouble starts.. altough the current situation isn’t much different from what I was experiencing all Summer and Fall last year with not so many finds. The last time I had a decent haul was actually in May where I had a 3-hr hunt with an 8″ coil 1991 Sovereign which I had just acquired and it was my first experience with this machine. There were bullets and coins and a silver Pandora thing.

However, in the second evening I returned for an evening strawl. However bad my finds are the day before, I keep going back for more 😀 (well i do need to drive 2×2.5 hr every time I want a beach hunt so better use the time). Went on to the sand, turned on my detector and had a first signal 3 metres away from the promenade. Probably i wasn’t swinging more than 3 swings before the Sovereign GT beeped. I thought it can never be anything else but garbage right next to the wooden path. Comes out this:

I saw it, took it and ran out of sight in case anyone was giong to snatch it from me 😀 It has the looks of gold, the stamp is made up out of letters, it seems. It was tested as 18kt. So not bad for a weekend with only 2 coins.

I obviously picked a very bad weekend to go to the coast and stay with my friend. Mass immigration from the inland by Walloon people because vacation started, although it was cold and rainy. Once in a few years, Belgian Summers exist to water the plants mostly. Two previous Summers were too dry and +30 degrees for weeks which is also not optimal for detecting. You burn your neck after one sunny afternoon ànd the soil is stonehard in the field. On Saturday and Sunday they city played a terribly long and noisy fireworks starting at 23h inthe evening. The dog was terrified for an hour very time. The beach was littered with paper and aluminium parts of fireworks, but at least.. most of it washed away since they did it on the wet part >:/ Humanity should have been erased, seriously. Half an hour of fun and screw what it does to the animals/pets and environment. It didn’t help that she started smoking recently and she keeps windows open. I sat inside the apartment in my fleece and scarf suffering in 16 degrees and wondering why i wasn’t at home in my warm air. At least this ring made it a bit better.

The Flanders beach at low tide is big as ever.
Still happy with the SITO Scoop and the Sovereign GT i bought from a friend. No problems still, i, my second weekend of using it with the Detech. The charger hole is on the outside of the box so very easy to charge. I am thinking of selling the Minelab Sovereign 1991 since I have this GT now and obviously, beach detecting is not going to be a thing I’m going to need 3 detectors for. I’m attached to it, but I also want to buy some other stuff like Helmut Newton posters.. well, porn, as your mum would call it. Even thinking of selling Excalibur but it’s in pieces. Works well but yeah. People usually not waving dollar bills when it’s not in mint condition.

De Panne beach