Beach baby

First part of the beach in de Panne had a thick layer of broken shells, also deeper in the ground. Seems it keeps new target from lowering themselves.

I went back to the beach for the first time since April. Back then I found close to nothing and I decided to sell my Sovereign Elite. Same day I bought the GT from a friend so that didn’t go as I expected in getting rid of beach detectors 😀
I also sold my Equinox 600 so at least that weight was off my shoulders.
Can’t sell my Excalibur because it’s been cut to pieces.
Can’t sell my first edition Sovereign because I’m attached to it;
Can’t sell the GT because I bought it from a friend and it actually solves all the problems I had with the other Sovereigns:
– First edition 1991 doesn’t work well with non-minelab coils
– Elite doesn’t have a long battery life with its 1200Mah + low volume speaker.
– Excalibur needs to have headphones attached since it has no speaker (Im working on that lol)

Also I didn’t find much in coins at the beach during 2 days, maybe 6 coins even though the heat has struck 2 weeks ago and the lockdown has been lessened now that people are getting vaccinations. But i did find a nice silver ring on day 1 and a silver earring on day 2. Also same earring in fake metal. Cleans up looking like gold but it has no mark so ..
Strange how little there is to be found still, but can’t complain due to 2x silver in these circumstances 😀

older coins and lead. If you find lead, you should scout this area because gold has almost the same weight.
Went back in the evening with small 8″ Coinsearch because of arm pain but was nothing much. It does give some impression to go deeper than the 12″.. not sure though.

I also found a pair of short black socks, in my size :p I took them and wear them. Fun being a scavenger.