Silver bracelets

I think I still know where I got each silver bracelet.
First with blue: I eyeballed it last week on the sand, after several days of finding nothing much WITH detector. Hence selling a Sovereign.
Florent was found in the castle garden of my family-in-law with Deus. Nothing too fancy.

Third one in the playground with HF coil.

Fourth one on the beach in Montenegro with DEUS.
Fifth one, i don’t know. Probably playground.
Sixth by accident with pinpointer in playground (lol). It’s very thin.
Last one also with DEUS on the beach in Montenegro.

I feel like I finally have a collection, although one isn’t found with detector, but I was detecting so it counts :p

I’m in the process of trying to get this page in Google. It used to be so easy in 2005: make a site, go to Google webmaster page and put your link into a textbox. Done.
2021: I have no idea. There are so many pages with explanation about things I don’t understand what they are for. I also don’t get my page in google despite that I once put my link into a similar textbox. What an effort one has to make to help Google make some more money..
The page will have some items that I have for sale, since the secondhand site only allows two metaldetecting ads per account, otherwise you start paying.