Swapped my HF coil for a x35

Well, my buddy was finding small silver coins THREE times in the last months while we didn’t go out thàt much. And he swings incredibly high, so I just needed to adjust my gear to easy my mind a bit that it was all just MY fault and not my equimpent’s. He has a new x35 13inch coil on his Deus, and I had a normal 11 inch. I found someone with a x35 to switch it with my 9″ HF coil which I used on uneven or stubbled field.

Not that the swap worked so far in finding anything great, but anyway.

The battery life will go down a bit over the years so it’s good to get a new coil every now and then. Actually I ordered 10 batteries for Deus (I do some selling) but it’ll be a few more months apparently before I get them. The battery wasn’t much of a problem because I could go long enough and even if it bothered me, I’d put in a new battery. Just wanted the potential gain of a newer technology. Not that i believe the new coil will make me suddenly find cool stuff more, but a girl needs new stuff every once in a while Nice to be able to use a higher frequency (also not sure if that ever helped me in finding anything, God I’d be a good salesman).

New x35 11″ coil versus old 11″ coil for XP Deus 😀