This 1000-yr old coin of Otto

Together with the Roman key that we found on an accidental new small field, I found this battered silver hammered coin. I DID see the rudimentary face and googled for all those coins from UK and Scandinavia, and even Germany. THey didn’t seem to have much creativity back then since they used this simple face for quite a while.

I could read OTTO, the cross near the chin, and BERTUS on the other side. Unable to find the exact same coin, I sent an email to some guy who loves to find out what coin it is. He did send me the above documentation. It is indeed about 1000 yr old, and quite rare. It’s from the years of emperor OTTO II of Germany, minted in Liege (Belgian city 20 km south of us here).

Didn’t think I’d find something like that here, moreover since everything from 400 to about 1200 is a big black period of nothing much happening here.. I’d love to find more and to make a bit of a bridge over that 800-yr empty period. I did find a brooch of that time and a bronze buckle of 600-800.