Prospection old road II

Ferraris says that several roads where going through that fieldy place behind the village, where my favorite field is located. So the bad thing about having a great field is that I don’t want to detect lesser places.. and all places i know are lesser.
I tried going by bike to look on the old road but that ended with my foot being wet because of the gigantic puddle on the road and me thinking I could go through it. WEnt fine for 2 seconds and then I panicked and put my foot down :p Found only a bit of old road and there wasn’t so much. The second try today was with the car, since I’m lazy and not fit. Went over the field on the right and there was mostly modern junk, and one button with some gold color on the inner side.
Then I crossed the road and ventured to the end of the field, and there you could see the curve of the old road. I don’t know how or why the old roads got filled up.. I don’t know where they get to ground from but possibly just used what was around. There wasn’t so much to find, but I did get a very nice silver Leopold II coin. The two others are black and lost some profile. This one is close to perfect. Also found a Napoleonic 7-button.
Strange also that the landscape took a 3-metre deep fall at the end of the field. Don’t know what causes those things either. So many questions.