Update Minelab Equinox on Windows 7

Apparently I can start the Minelab Update Utility but then the wheel starts spinning and that’s it. So I googled how to update the equinox on Windows 7 and found the way:

From Detectorprospector.com

Before running the program,

Highlight and right click on the program and scroll down to troubleshoot compatibility.

Click on troubleshoot compatibility and click on Try recommended settings, click next, and then start program.

That is all you need to do to get it to work.

Started with a 3D printer with my buddy and the plan is to print stuff for Metal detectors. Now, the Deus isn’t exactly anything else but perfect, but i have noticed lots and lots of upgrades are done to the Equinox: shaft, coil thing, handle-hand-stopper, snake-skinz..

Now that I bought a secondhand Equinox 600.. I cannot imagine what those designers where thinking. But anyway. Gotta use what you have, right ? I’m already thinking on how to get the unit off that horrible handle, and out of that horrible ‘please hit me against the door side as hard as you can and BREAK me forever’ position. De faaaaak, dude, de faaakk !! There you have the Perfect Xp Deus design, existing for about what.. 10 -12 yrs ? Let’s not look at that AT ALL when we design our new detector that will take the world by storm. Nope, let’s not do that. ERgonomy, what is that ? XD