Ground Balancing and low frequency on the XP deus

On Ground balance

When you use other detectors, the manual says that a Ground Balance reading is necessary, and we should actually always do it to make our detector better adapted to soil conditions. On the XP Deus website, however, it is stated that you don’t need to change it.

I still fiddle with it, just to be sure.
Unfortunately, I have never felt I got a very good reading after doing the pump, but after reading up on people’s advice, one guy said you should do the pump when the detector is set in a basic program. Don’t make it very sensitive first with custom settings and then pump it. But i haven’t tried it still since I just adjust Ground Balance manually so I can have a bit of chatter. It felt like my detector wasn’t picking up on anything in the Fall months and I felt so desperate. I tried lowering the GB from 90 to 78 in one particular field and it did seem to work a lot better. Consequently, I now set up my detector for every hunt by changing the GB until I hear enough small chatter. My GB is usually around 80 lately (lots of rain, maybe it matters). If I want more chatter, I lower it to 78, or if I want less, I can go up to 88. I adjust to avoid getting the false good-sounding beeps but I don’t want it to be all quiet.

Using the lower frequency on the XP DEUS

This is actually the first time I read this:
The 8khz is:
– more forgiving if you use a slightly off Ground Balance: it will not react to the soil itself so much. So it’s good to use it on soil that is a bit difficult.
– better on wet land
– “high frequencies can completely ignore a coin right under the surface.” Huh ??