Empty field revival !

1) copper hanger with Jezus still on it !
2)13-15th century English Farthing
3)13/14th century buckle with the pin missing
4) smaller copper coin of about 17-18 century

I was thinking I might take a chance to go detecting one last time because they give a very cold forecast for next week, snow and all that, so yuk. Goodbye outside world for a while. So I thought I don’t have any real good field to go to, despite it all being ploughed, but no results. I drove to the nearest field that has some less old stuff but nice modern surprises sometimes, like 200 m away from my house, but another car was already parked on the corner of grass, so I saw my plan go up in smoke and kept on driving to the village that is behind that area where the good stuff was. There were some plants growing on the Silver Field but they were cut down to work as fertiliser, I guess. I have been going over one part where the old road was in minute rows so there couldn’t be much left, right ? Now the stubbles were gone because it has been cut a while ago, plus lots and lots of rain. I went over the whole field once with my 18khz and big black coil. Not much. I decided to put the Freq to 8khz and voila, I found miself about 16 coins in 2 hrs ! ! So maybe that’s why my buddy finds so many coins with his big coil and low freq, and i have only 4 with my white coil ?? It’s an amazing amount if you look at my record of the whole year. Also found a dog tag with lots of letters in French and Dutch but not very readable. I think it was 1921. TAXE SUR / LES CHIENS / — ° — / BELASTING / OP DE / HONDEN.