Two days at sea

Sint-Idesbald and Koksijde-Bad

Koksijde beach

Well, that was memorable. Again one new record to add on top of my list of This is THe Worst Detecting Trip Ever
There was an extreme high tide on Saturday (or so i thought judging by the fact it had been raining a lot and the news showed they had to put sand bags next to the rivers because of the Springtij).

I found 2x20cent on day one in Sint-Idesbald during 2.5 hrs with the Sovereign Elite and Detech 12×10 coil. One WWI bullet case and 5 frank.

Second day I spent 3.5 hrs doing ‘what doesn’t work for sure but let’s try AGAIN’ on the wet sand going up and down to the puddles to and from the waterline. Found absolutely nothing but one or two pulltabs. I think the cut had been washed off a bit more in Koksijde so I started going around on the hillside towards the high tide line. That’s where I found the 1 euro and the 1984 Matchbox Group C Racer. Can’t believe it has been in the sand for almost 36 yrs ?? But that was at least something I can take home and put on display :p

There was a small animal in one of those eggs, and I saw its EYE. But I guess it was dead. I also carried one of those alien-like sea stars back to the sea. It was lying there for a while since the tide had been gone and was coming back but it was moving its arms. CREEP-Y. Didn’t even make a video cos I wanted to return it to the water asap. Made a whole baseball-swing and it landed only 2.5m further in the water lol.

Oh and the BIG thing – AGAIN- is that these old detectors are working on my nerves quite often and badly. It’s all fun and games until the thing starts singing at every swing and changing the settings won’t help a thing. So then I go ‘o, please, not again’ and start wiggling the cord near the unit, and yep, sings at every movement. So this is a fairly new coil. I can’t believe I have to do a vivisection now to look whether the wires are broken inside near the end of cable. It doesn’t move that much and it isn’t bent that much. URGH.

So after an hour of going from the far wet back to the car and realizing I had a problem, I went to the car to put on the 14″ new coil. When I got back to the beach, I got the squeeky tone that says ‘battery will go empty soon’.. It’s a NEW battery and I was detecting for 5.5hrs, and half of it with headphones !! I think if someone was watching me from their appartment, they might have seen a sort of atomic mushroom cloud happening where I was. So went back to the car again to put my Excalibur on my back with the big coil. That went fine, but I was at the end of my powers and there wasn’t much to find anyway. If I cannot find much in 3 hrs, the next hour will probably not be a gigantic success either. It’s just interpolation. The beach is still a miserable place to detect now, I guess with all the sand from the one storm. Just strange that i had this old matchbox car, the old 5 frank and a WW bullet case but anyway. There wasn’t much to dig besides some pulltabs and foil.