Spur and dino egg :D

I didn’t detect much lately because the weather – it is either cold, rainy or both. Twice I went out last week only to feel really crappy because of my nose that is constantly running in the wind. It’s really annoying because you can’t just wipe it every minute, first of all. SEcond, my hands are in muddy gloves, and I’m holding stuff and my tissue is somewhere in a pocket I can’t reach because my hip bag strap is going over my jacket on that spot. I posed the question on the metaldetecting facebook group and got lots of tips. One guy said I was acting stupid and I should just wipe my nose. But I got the solution from awoman who does skydiving and she said that the wind on the eyes makes the liquid go out of yoru nose for some reason. I went to buy safety glasses and now I went around in icy wind for 2 hrs and didn’t reach for my tissue even once ! Ha. I couldn’t see at some point because of condensation but it shuold be possible to make some holes in it.

Some field I visited a few time on my own and i found some older items there. Also some guilded thing, as far as I remember, so it’s a good spot. I recently looked on the Ferraris map and there used to be a road that is gone now. THere’s a part of the field that goes downwards so I guess that’s it. Don’t know about how people went about when they decided to fill up a road.. they cover all the nice old stuff with ground from around so I guess that kinda sucks, but if you’re lucky you will find stuff that was lost a bit further from the road then ?? I have another old road nearby that gave good stuff sometimes so I prefer search around these places before I go somewhere else.

Here’s a good bit of spur, my first ! And something that was irregular, smooth and gold color but not a stater, again.. Some kind of Mozart’s head. And then the strangest totally white/grey egg-shaped stone. It’s not even perfectly round, but a bit more egg-shaped. There are some small orange squid fossils lying around but this is something I’ve not seen before. I guess just a silex rock.. Oh and I got a free grocery bag lol.