Which cable for Minelab and Wire diagrams

What cable to buy for Minelab Excalibur or Sovereign coil (and possible all other metaldetector coils) ?
Most coils only have 4 wires so I have these two:

4 wire 20AWG 4×0.5mm² Aliexpress

The other one I ordered from a Dutch store because I had to wait for (much)more than a month on Aliexpress. This second cable is 20awg 5×0.5mm². The wires are thinner so this label of 0.5mm²doesn’t make much sense.
Make sure you have the flexible version !!! These have several very thin small copper wires inside, and don’t buy a solid-copper-wire type because then you will have a long stiff cable. You should be able to tell the type from the photo.

Wire diagrams for Minelab Excalibur and Sovereign metaldetector and coils (from Old Beechnut and other sources):

Wire schemes for Minelab Excalibur and several coils