Mal’s Surffones for sale

I was looking for a decent replacement for my original Blue Excalibur’s metaldetector headphones, which are too heavy and squeeze my brains out. After a long quest online, I got in touch with Mal and I ordered a pair of his famous custom made headphones. However great they are, any decent set will hurt my ears tremendously (because I’m wearing glasses with thick legs) and so I decided to stick with my light bad-quality headphones.

They are very well built and will last a lifetime. NOT meant to go underwater, but they can stand the rain and a small drop in the lake. 90cm cable is attached to it, also very good quality.
Sound quality should be excellent. THey can be used immediately on a Minelab Excalibur (you need to just stick in the wire through the end cap and solder it onto the old headphone wires) or CTX 3030 but you’ll need to fix a new connector to them. I guess they can be used with any detector but then also, you’ll need the connector. I temporarily soldered a small headphone jack to them.
You can find videos and reviews like this :

No bad word to find about them.
Send me a message on my instagram @jetski_kopetski if you have any questions. I am from Belgium so keep that in mind.

They can be connected either by guiding the cable through the resin in teh endcap, or by installing a CTX connector onto the end cap. In this way, you can disconnect the headphones but I don’t really see why you would need that. Here is a video of how it is done:

The endcap has a white and red wire going out of it into a 2-pin connector on the green board inside. Once you open the endcap, it is just a matter of releasing this connector off its 2 pins where it’s sitting on. These 2 wires are the left and right connections of the headphones.