XP Deus – hot program and hot rocks

Here I tested the XP Deus and the reaction 2 programs on various hot rocks and some iron/ rusty things. The conclusion is that my custom program (based on preset 2) ignores these unwanted objects way worse than the Hot program. So in theory I should be using Hot, but I have some kind of feeling that I’m missing more. It tends to give very small high pitched sounds sometimes, and only gives more solid beeps when i repeatedly go over a target.

Hot preset tends to show hot rocks as a longer iffy sound and a horizontal line on the XY-axes. Be careful though with the horizontal lines and ID around 92, those can be copper coins. The copper coins have a shorter beep whereas a hot rock makes a prolonged sounding iffier line. Depends also on your type of hot rocks so dig a few to be sure.

Detectors will often have a hard time telling apart bottle caps. They might give a good or bad or mixed sound, depending on the material and whether they are rusty.

Pull tabs are a special kind and will always sound good. THe newer ones give target id 65-68 (old big round ones are 72-77-ish). Unfortunately, this is the ID-range that decent gold rings might pop up in. You can take the risk and stop digging the specific pull-tab id’s and just hope there’s not a golden ring inbetween with the exact same ID.

Settings of both were:
sens 75 (because i was inside- i usually use 96)
disc 1 (I have it between 1-3)
iron 2
Reactivity 2
freq 18khz
My custom program has only 2 tones.