Gopro Hero 4 videos

I bought a used Gopro Hero 4 Silver a while ago. I made only 1 detecting video with it and I didn’t like it that much. First of all, I tried to explain where I was in the beginning and started to really mess up so the rest of the video is me being silent and digging; THe second thing is that the quality wasn’t that great. It has a very light color and is also very wide view, and even then most of the times I didn’t have my digging fit in the frame :p But since my goal is to be more efficient in speaking (speaking to myself is just a habit and then i never get it wrong) I am trying to persevere. This video should make things a lot better already.

THe dude does mountainbiking through the forest which is not the same as metaldetecting in the same light but maybe it will work out still.

Some changes to the settings:

  • Use WIDE and crop it later on in post because the Medium and Narrow are simply crops that teh gopro makes out of the wide view.
  • USe Protune because it allows more settings
  • set white balance to Native
  • set color to Flat and use -1 EV compensation. THe Flat will lighten the shadows but keeps the light parts light, and the EV compensation of -1 will make it all darker. THe overal image should be better
  • Spot meter on

Some metaldetectorist who has loads of videos explains what cameras he uses :