On Sand scoops for Beach Detecting

I used a plastic kiddy shovel for digging the sand during all my beach /playground detecting hunts. It can be taken apart to fit a suitcase when I travel by airplane (I try not to). For underwater detection, my current SITO scoop cannot be chopped into pieces, so I must find another way at some point but the holidays are restricted anyway.
My first scoop had a 10x10cm square opening and it took a dozen of tries to get something out of the water; Haven’t used the SITO in water yet (well, I did but there were no targets :p) but I guess it can only get better.
SITO Scoop does a wonderful job for beach detecting. It’s big so it takes quite a lot of sand out at once, making you less of a panicking freak when the wet sand is collapsing in the hole.
Thick wooden stick came with the SITO Scoop when i bought it from someone. I cut off a bit and carry it around because the sand otherwise piles up while I drag it over the beach and it becomes plenty of heavy then.