My old Garrett pinpointer vs Nokta Makro Pulsedive

I bought the Garrett pinpointer from someone who already used it quit a lot. I painted it red after I lost it on a field and I had to go around for half an hour in icecold to find it again lol. Also attached an elastic rope to it. It’s a really practical pinpointer. Just on and off, and that works in an instant. With the other pps, I feel like the wait to turn it on and off are just too long. I have little patience. The metal thing to release staples was a temporary thing.. Normally I hold my screwdriver to the point where it just doesn’t start beeping, and then go around in the hole. It makes the pp more sensitive. I used that trick quite a lot before I started using the Pulsedive, because the latter is already very sensitive.
I could sell this Garrett for a few euro but it’s absolutely not worth selling it. IT’s too good to get rid of.

My buddy bought the most expensive XP pinpointer a while ago and I couldn’t help but go ‘tsssk, all this money for a pinpointer.. I will NEVER give that much for it..’ THen I searchec around and spend 200 Euro on a Nokta Makro Pulsedive :/

I bought it for these reasons:

– waterproof
– works in salt water
– can also be used as underwater detector
If it interferes then you can change it to different frequencies. It has 5 sensitivities, of which 4 equals the Garrett’s the most, and 5 is often too sensitive and starts beeping all over the place. But I use 4-5 the most anyway.
The downside is: it’s bigger and bulkier than another pinpointer. THe buttons are very tough and hard to push in, but someone told me this is because it has to be able to withstand the underwater pressure. Yes, good point. So I just shouldn’t be using this as a field pinpointer, I suppose.. but I’m doing it anyway because my old Garrett is a bit less sensitive and I have to dig more to find my target.

I didn’t get to try the underwater features as my trip to Abroad and Exotic Waters was pushed away brutally by Covid Pandemic. I did take it to the beach and it works fine there.