I have been going on full-day detecting trips lately, like 2-3 times a week, with my detecting friend, and the only thing I found in the last 2 weeks is a small part of bronze age axe. But then the whole day around Maaseik and Maastricht delivered nothing. Not even a few coins or whatever I could be happy with. So today I had a good night of sleep, in contrast of what I usually have, and i decided to hop on a few fields that were open now around my favorite Roman field.
Not much to find, except another man’s holes, but still a few small coins. Going back to the car over the ‘nothing’ field, I thought I found a small Roman coin so I decided not to scratch over it to see what was on it. That’s one thing i learned 😀 The scratching will destroy the green layer and that might make the coin loose its pretty face.

At home I could wash off the dirt and there was a small wolf and two children under it, so there’s Romus and Remulus, who were the founders of the city of Rome. Not bad after so many weeks of no Roman stuff 🙂
There were another 7 coins, either Willem of Holland, the Liards or Lion Coins, all of which are not very sharp or interesting since we always find them.

Tomorrow AGAIN to metaldetect all day. AAAAAA.
I did hope for silver last time around Maaseik and i did find silver.. only that it was a very small part of a thingy.