La Tène Celtic glass bracelet

La Tene glass Celtic bracelet

I invited a guy over to detect here because he never found any Roman things. Looked up possible Roman areas around some villages that i haven’t been detecting in, and off we went. Full of hope, but we did around 5 different locations and we both didn’t find much. There was however, one non-metaldetecting find that was pretty amazing: I saw something sticking out of the soil that looked like black plastic. Of course I took it in my hands and it was 3/5 of a round bracelet. I didn’t know for sure what it was at that time, because the purple glass seems black until you point it into a strong light source and might also resemble plastic (still :p). It turned out to be a good part of a glass bracelet of almost 2000 yrs old. It’s a miracle that it survived so many tractor wheels going over it in the past years.

The only other piece of La Tène glass that I found was 1 cm long (April 2018) with yellow paste. And with that one, I also thought it was a modern piece of German beer can before I decided to google it – weeks later 😀 THe moment I realized it is in fact 2000 yrs old and rare, I started dropping it whenever I could.

Funny that both were purple glass, while it is more common to find blue glass.

La Tène glass