Montenegro in Winter

We were planning maybe to go on a road trip for several weeks to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro and maybe Albania/Kosovo.. But the only free space was March and what happened: WINTER !! Snow, freezing, rain, snow.. NOT WHAT I EXPECTED !!

Happy i got the snow tires because I didn’t slip once and there’s a lot of curves on the Bosnian roads !! But we suvived the snow in Bosnia. Happy i have seen it with snow. So many forests.. there should be so much to find there but now was not a good time. We didn’t get to Albania/Kosovo because it would cost us and it’s all cold and rainy and really still nothing to do.

Strange, there was nothing to find on all beaches in Montenegro, except 1 spot of a few squares metres in front of a bar. It was literally loaded. Even dug this cross, from a grave or so, so i left it there. Maybe others couldn’t detect here because of electric wires but i didn’t notice anything with my detector. Really strange.. I detected in Winter (Oct/Nov) before and that was quite ok. Then end of August was crappy while the tourists were still there and beaches were undisturbed. Can’t really make anything out of it.