Ten days in Montenegro 2015

I was looking forward to going to Montenegro again. Especially the metaldetecting was something I sOOOO wanted to do again !
But unfortunately, the collection of rings did not live up the expectation; Nevertheless, the conditions should have been optimal ! THe water was superclear, you could see your feet at all times even shoulder-deep in the water. THere were almost no waves. Tourists were crowding up the beaches for 2 months already and there hadn’t been any storms that could have shaken the goods downwards into the sand. And the bottom wasn’t quite sandy enough to let everything sink to a lower layer.. Most beaches have a layer of small stones mixed with sand. Despite all this, I only managed to find a few silver rings.

I had to get up at 5am (VACATION !!!) to get an almost empty beach. People would start appearing around that 6am already. But I managed to get up without any problem and I could go on enjoying holidays all day until 11 in the evening without feeling like a zombie. We’d go to a beach afterwards, to eat and drink and to drive around town. I never felt better !

I think I spent around 20-25 hours detecting water and sand.

The money turned out to be around 35 euro. STrangely I didn’t find much old currency, so that means previous year in Fall there would have been a movement in sand layers to make old money appear. Did find several rubbles from Russian tourists.

The hope was almost completely lost, until I went out detecting in early morning in Croatia, where we spent our night during the 22-hr trip back to Belgium. One of the first things I dug up several inches under water was the thinnest wedding ring ever ! I found several Kuna’s and did buy the tastiest figs from them afterwards. So I did enjoy my finds in Croatia !
It’s just typical how it goes in detecting.. the first half hour you find one golden ring and one coin after the other, and the next hour you don’t find anything !

So now I’m back in BElgium. I did go to our local coast one day and detected there but as usual.. I think I find like 20 cents or so, and a fake earring and hanger. O joy, living near a gigantic sand beach where everyone goes out to detect by the dozen.. SOme other guy was detecting it, taking giant steps and swinging his coil half a foot above the sand. Yay. He even brought his assistant who was somewhere in the environment holding a shovel.