Digging for gold

This is how my G-star and Diesel shoes looked after 2 hrs in the grass after the rain. Sure it helped getting into the soil..
Before the rain it was too dry to do anything. I used the second custom-made shovel that my friend made and I like it because the shaft is less wide and it will go deeper because pressure is more concentrated. And I don’t need a wide shovel for digging superficial targets in a grass play zone anyway.

I was looking for 2 golden rings that got missing but since I didn’t have a clue to where they might be, I just ran around in all directions, trying to dig all ID’s .. that means starting from ID 20 or so and going up, and digging ONLY canslaw since the mower went over cans.. At least I found two euro or so by accident :/
Not succesful but at least I was out of the house. Since I work now 4 days a week I like to spend my weekend NOT working and doing what I like. Goal accomplished.