Sportspark and ring

Didn’t really know where to go on a sunny Saturday morning.. since people are going to be around a lot now with the nice weather..
So I got into the car and went to a sportspark 20 minutes from home. I saw it once when practicing with someone’s parking skills.
There’s a volleyball field with sand and the previous one gave a good result, but that was in a bigger city.

No one was around at first 🙂
I tried the playground with the wood floor. Weirdly enough, i got an old musket ball or two out of that. Some coins.
Then the grass next to the volleyball field where people supposedly put their bags and clothes gave some more.
Inside sand of volleyball field was NOTHING. Dammit.
Then I proceeded to the last part where there are a lot of wooden exercise machines. There’s a bit of a small hill, like 3 meters wide where I guessed teenagers would come and sit. And yes, I searched all around the foot and found a splendid ring ! But no stamps on it and a little bit of research on internet tells me it’s made of inox and worth 9 euro. But it looks really sophisticated. Next time better..

I drove to the next city where there’s a splendid old park near the center. I figured it was a good soil with people lying around already from early Spring. But didn’t find much there actually. Two euro and a button with 2 crossed canonpipes or something..