a day off and out

Jay, such nice Spring weather 😀
I had a day off. .well it should be, it’s weekend and yesterday I spent all day in front of TV, watching recordings because I felt crappy after 4 days of LABOUR, as I like to call that :p

We decided to go to the next best city and there is PLENTY of stuff to do !
A HUGE openair swimming pool that gets emptied after summer and with sandy bottom. That’s just a DREAM to go metal detecting there.. only the people never gave me permission. I asked several time, even in person and they always give a NO !
So I thought maybe I’m lucky and the golden rings are just lying on top of the sand after all rain and stuff.. but no.
Only 2 euro and a belly piercing.

THen we went to an old castle with a dried up water thing around it. I detected a few meters and it was all iron infestation..

The third spot was the actual metaldtecting spot of the day. A big part of recreational grass with some benches. Lots of old money I got, and only 3 euro in the end. A silver-like heart with a sword that made me all happy but now I cannot seem to make it shine with polish, so it seems to be crap too.
Oh well, had a good day detecting for over an hour and being out in the blossoming outdoors 🙂