Rained out in park

I did a bit of searching in the past 2 days, so today.. the sun was out and I Wanted to go but then also felt reluctant. The reason is the fact that you are not allowed to detect in my city plus you ‘should’ ask permission, as usual..

I went to the playground next to the park, thinking there have been plenty of people already in the weekends and maybe there is already some bling lying around. A tractor just went over the sand to loosen it, i think.
But the result was also the usual: OLD pulltabs !! THe big ones wher you can put in your whole finger and they are EVERYWHERE !

It started raining like crazy. NICE HORIZONTAL rain. My ski-clothing keeps all wind and rain out, as long as I’m with my back turned towards it. I only started feeling cold when I started walking around in the grass of the park. In half an hour, I dug up a nice french coin from 1950. At least it’s gold-colored :p THe 50-frank is also nice. I don’t find that often and usually they are very shiny, but this one isn’t. Pity the old currency is totally without value..