Euros under the lawn mawyer

This is what euros look like when they pass under a lawn mawyer..

THe 2-euro was wounded after my air-test in our grass at home.. I forgot to take it away and then my mum did the grass. Had to use my f* detector to find the pieces again :p

The 1-euro coin I found yesterday in 2 parts in the park. I was pulling with all my power (the full 45 kg lol) because the thing got stuck in some roots while I was argueing with my company ‘it’s a euro’ ‘no it’s a screw-thing’ ‘it’s a euro’ ‘it’s a screw thing’. Lol.

Can’t even bring them back to the bank. Same for all my 100ds of eurocoins that are black and that the shops are refusing. Why the hell do we still have banks ? To play with our savings ? Damn.