XP Deus Underwater kit

This setup is smt I used for a VERY long time. It gives you access to the unit’s controls, you can watch the ID’s AND it protects the unit against water and dirt.

I was eyeballing the XP DEUS underwater kit for several months already but due to my financial status I decided to postpone the purchase of it.. (Actually, it’s 60 euro including the mail and it doesn’t matter whether I buy it now or in half a year ).
So a few days ago, my headphones went dead on me while detecting. LAter I was struggling to get the jack out of the adapter on the WS3, so the input jack then broke entirely off the little board. It’s a bit of a crappy thing, soldered with 4 little feet on the board, and I guess detecting for 2 months on saltwater beaches without covering it or cleaning it did NOT do it any good.

So I had to order the input jack anyway to have a spare and decided to order the whole underwater kit as it did seem a bit more protective for the WS3 control unit whilst I’m out in the cold and rain and whatever. Lately, I just attached it with either tape and in a later stadium, well still tape but only 1little piece of double-sided tape and very elegantly hidden, so .. I decided to try to put all stuff together and it seems pretty neat. At least I can now put the waterproof bag fixed on my sleeve to watch the ID’s, or change the menu (which is still possible while the unit is inside the bag), and the second advantage is the earphone-cable inside my sleeve, so no more long headphone cable HANGING IN MY WAY.

I only read one review of the underwater kit so far. The guy went diving with it and the sound did not come through very loud. It would also only go till 5 meter of depth but if you consider going deeper (or more professional for that matter), then simply buy a real underwater detector like the Excalibur (which is out of my league for the moment)