My metal detecting challenge

This stops me

My biggest problem with metal detecting is that I am not good at getting permissions of land owners. In Belgium, or at least the Flanders area, you need an owner’s permission to search their property. Also, you are not allowed to go in certain areas which have historical value. I happen to live in the oldest city of the country and that also adds up to the problem. We don’t know exactly where the protected area ends. Lol huh.

In the past years I got into some situations and managed to ask 3 farmers, plus got permission to search on their field. If these fields would have turned out to be godly pastures of roman bronze and gold, I wouldn’t be complaining this much. Of course I found absolutely nothing there while I spent days and days trying to turn my permission into solid silver and bronze. So the need for more fields came back and this time, I did not have any guts left to go and actively contact farmers.

Working around that

To avoid the private land problem and to start finding more stuff at the same time, I started searching in public areas like playgrounds and parks to strike some contemporary coins and jewellery. I did not find lots of jewellery, maybe because I only dig above certain IDs. The amount of coins worked out quite well. Within 2-3 months, I had almost 100 euro in dirty eurocoins (the money sucks, really, if this is material that they base the EU on, it really won’t last long and THEY know it !!). They often have a grey/black color and shops won’t take them, so I exchanged money with my mum and she would spend them in parking machines (which I try to avoid because they are from hell).

I do have a slight problem with the system and authority and stuff.
Never got in any trouble though, as I’m a total chicken shit.

So that was the story of last year.

This year I did a few fields together with a top detectorist who always finds amazing Roman things. Me however, I didn’t find anything except a 700-yr old very thin silver coin which broke in two. After that, again no fields.. Most detectorists go without any permissions and they never get into trouble, but I’m just not taking that risk.

My most recent trip to the warm beaches

In the last couple of months, I have spent some months living at the Adriatic Coast, which is splendid.. Awesome times I had, going to one of several beaches on my own. The tourist season was over, beaches were almost empty but the weather was still great. Just the sight of the water, sand and big cliffs would make my day worthwhile. Of course, finding silver and gold jewellery made the day even more splendid. On the first day, I took an assistant-digger because I was afraid that detecting would be prohibited-but two more detectorists where there too.. We found 2 gold wedding rings and 2 silver rings. That was amazing !

After that, the maximum finds where limited to one golden ring a day (not evry day lol), and/or a couple of silver rings or a silver bracelet.
After several weeks of detecting at the dry and wet sand, I had a total of:
– 4 golden 14k wedding bands
– 9 silver rings
– 4 silver bracelets, two earrings and a catholic pendant
– 100 euro in coins
– over 100 foreign coins or coins from the old currency
(The foreign/old coins showed up in way higher quantity than the euro, eventhough the euro IS the currency over there. I don’t really understand why, but anyway.)

Back.. And now the black hole

Unfortunately, I had to return to Belgium and as soon as I set foot in this grey and cold country, I felt the good old boredom coming up again.

I spend my day behind my computer, looking up info on metaldetecting and looking at awesome finds in Youtube.

All day, it goes like this in my mind:
‘I want to go detecting, I also want to find gold and cool stuff !’
But then I have plenty of excuses why not to
– the weather is horrible (it really is, though)
– I don’t want to walk around in 3 layers of clothing and look like a psycho nutcase
– I am afraid that people will tell me to go away..

The weather I can’t change, so that’s just something I have to be patient about..
I guess I won’t look thàt weird. I went to detect many times in parks where people came with little children, and I NEVER had any negative remarks or anyone asking me what the hell I was doing there. So from there on, I told myself I have to get over my fear and go out again !

So I made a challenge for myself to go out every day to detect in parks or wherever.

Here is where I will keep you informed of my progress..