Day 1 : my first hunt

After spending so many weeks in a warm country surrounded by gorgeous beaches, I dreaded the fact that I had to dress in several layers again before I could go treasure hunting.
I had to consider shoes, pants, leg warmers, socks and all that stuff..
Once I got fully dressed, I took my Xp deus out into my garden.. only to realize that it was unbelievably chatty and annoying ! It did not stop beeping ! So I got quite angry, and went back inside to fiddle again with all settings and headphones.

I only own the little XP Deus controller that comes with the WS3 headphones. Since I like to have direct access to the menu without taking the headphones off, I use the unit attached with my own headphones with the help of a separate adapter with input jack. I tape the whole thing onto my XP shaft with simple tape. So that had to be taken off again..

When all seemed to have turned into normal sounds again, I went out in the afternoon and decided to go to the closest spot on my list: a grassy area near a bunch of houses where local kids can play. It’s quite out of sight of streets, and only a few houses are high enough so that people could see me from their window. But I tried not to care.

The results of Day 1
My first find was a 1-euro coin, so that started out well ! I had times when I came home with less than 5 cents..
I told myself to start digging lower Id’s in order to increase the change of finding jewellery.. but then my pinpointer gave up after 5 minutes ! So I did what I always did: dig up coin numbers. A lot of low ID’s showed but I ignored them, as it’s very hard to find their exact location with only a detector and a screw driver.
I ended up with 3.30 euro and a led bullet. Not bad. I also dug up a toy car but I put it near the bench for someone to find it someday in better weather circumstances. I also noticed some very sharp pieces of glass lying under the big toything, so I took that away. Overal, I was quite content to have dug up this much without a pinpointer. The next time might be more of a failure..